Storyboards: action, comedy
John steventon beat boards one
John steventon storyboard 1
John steventon storyboard 2
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John steventon storyboard 5
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Storyboards: action, comedy

There are different ways for an artist to tell a story through illustration, from comic strips which rely on art and words working together, to comic books and graphic novels which rely on more stunning visuals to the word/art combo. Then there are storyboards, which take similar skills, but are designed to focus on action and movement.
I've been independently studying each, and have considered the story board format for a way of outlining some of the stories that I want to tell.
This first batch come from my comic book The Inquiring Minds: Lights... Camera... Aliens!, with the story re-imagined as an animated film, and thus presented here in storyboard format.
I'm also working on a romantic comedy graphic novel in which the storyboard format works well for outlining the story and refining the action.