Summer Morning
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Summer Morning

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Summer Morning

A personal piece that I recently used for Self Promotion at CTNX 2017. (Let me know if you got one of my mini prints!) This piece was inspired by a small town that I sometimes drive through, which is one of those places in which you feel like you've slipped back in time. I've wanted to paint it for a while, then recently I discovered that the land is to be developed, and that's just heartbreaking how some things seem timeless, but are not.
So this digital painting became a tribute to nostalgia... a place that will soon be history, and as I worked on it, it became a tribute to summer mornings where you just get up and go, not knowing where, or why, just going... and on a summer morning, it was all good.
And just to jazz it up I added the dinosaur, because in my mind, summer mornings are full of potential, and anything can happen.
For those interested, I added some stuff from my files.

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