The House with the Cracked Walls, revisited
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The House with the Cracked Walls, revisited

I was asked to join a local gallery show, in which cartoonists revisit classic paintings in their own style. i immediately chose Paul Cézanne's 'The House with the Cracked Walls', because upon first glance I imagined the house being cracked because a giant monster sat down upon it. After about a dozen thumbnail sketches, several of which involved giant buttocks, I started rethinking the idea. Usually, with my brain, dinosaurs or aliens pop up for most solutions, and after sketching a few different saucers sticking out of the house, I hit upon this idea.
Which just goes to show that sometimes its worth it not to rush things. :)

PS I'd like to think that Paul Cézanne would get a chuckle out of this.
PSS Hand drawn, inked, and colored with copic markers.

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