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SoCal Teen Medusa

I first came up with this idea while working on Wolfboy (see my portfolio), and since I knew he was going to be all vector illustration, I set SoCal Teen Medusa aside to stew in my subconscious a bit.
After playing with the design a while, I decided to do something unique, and mashed together different ideas until I came up with something I thought was really special. (I'll admit, it looks like a cross between the Muppets and Phineas and Ferb, and I like the look!)
The line art was a great surprise, because where I thought it would be a straightforward fun drawing, it became a study in rhythm and flow, and I redrew the lines until I captured the feel of moving waves in all of those curvy lines from the snakes to her arms to the waves themselves.
Color became another challenge because I decided to stick with that TV Animation style, and I was so tempted to slide into my comfort zone and shade the heck out of it. Finding a simple balance of colors finished the job.

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