Shamanic Priestess: Character Design
John steventon shaman priestess
John steventon shaman priestess values
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Shamanic Priestess: Character Design

I've always enjoyed the art of Magic:the Gathering, and since I've been expanding my range of styles for character design, I took a class so that I'd have an excuse to do some more detailed design work. I know I could have taken this character further, so I may come back to her when my schedule permits, but overall I'm happy with how she turned out.
This is the first time I've worked in grayscale first, and colored later, and I can see the merits of working that way. I've attached the gray and color versions, so you can see that I was still working on the character as I colored it. I've also included my first of three mood boards. I worked with a very minimal character description, and so had too many directions to go in, which really slowed me down. Once I stopped and wrote out a paragraph detailing who this character is , she really came together, and new mood boards helped pull her in.

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