The Hungry Li'l Blender
John steventon blender story moment

Story Moment: The Hungry Li'l Blender

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Character Design: The Hungry Li'l Blender

The Hungry Li'l Blender

I love when a project comes together and everything suddenly works. I struggled with the original designs for the Hungry Li'l Blender, and I think inside I just knew it wasn't right until suddenly it was. As cute as he is, some characters just come even more alive when interacting with other characters, and that's where the Banana Brothers came in. And did I ever struggle with them! Actually, no, the struggle was I had one banana, and no matter what I did, nothing made sense story-wise. Finally I went to the grocery store and just stared at the bananas, and I realized that no banana stood alone... they were all in bunches. Suddenly I had two bananas against a hungry little blender, and where you have two pieces of fruit, the rest of the bowl really added to the story. The final story moment speaks for itself, and yeah, I think I'll be doing more with these characters. :)

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